Aeolus ASP is designed for conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft wings. It can also be used for propeller blades. This section shows comparisons of the computational results with wind tunnel data and CFD results for fixed wings and propellers.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

The report below compares the wing surface pressure distribution and induced drag for 3 wing configurations:

  • Straight wing
  • Swept wing
  • Boxwing

As result, Aeolus ASP shows excellent agreement with wind tunnel measurements.

Fixed-Wing Validation Cases
Technical Report IR17-01
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB

Propeller Blades

Aerodynamic simulations on propellers were compared against wind tunnel results and OEM specifications. Thrust, power, and efficiency plots confirm a good agreement between simulations and experiment.

Propeller validation cases
CR-19-13-RevA_Comparison of Aerodynamic
Adobe Acrobat Document 688.5 KB
Comparison of Aerodynamic Simulations using Aeolus ASP with OEM Specifications and Flight Test Data for the DJI R3390 Propeller
Adobe Acrobat Document 588.1 KB

We are constantly looking for new test cases and benchmarks. For questions, remarks, or other validation cases, please do not hesitate to contact us