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For Aircraft Design and Optimization

Aeolus ASP

Aeolus Aero Sketch Pad (ASP) is designed for efficient aerodynamic configuration analysis and optimization. It  provides easy modelling features for any fixed-wing aircraft configuration as well as best-in-class computational performance and fidelity- made for your Windows PC. Aeolus ASP allows the designer to efficiently study different designs,  test the impact of design parameters in almost real-time, and to find the optimal wing shape for your mission.

Aeolus MDO

Aeolus MDO helps aircraft designers to develop innovative wing structures more efficiently through multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO). In the conceptual and preliminary design phase of your aircraft, finding the right wing design is essential for the overall performance of the final product. But how to find the optimal design for your mission requirements?

  • Higher fidelity multidisciplinary analysis and
  • Efficient optimization

is key to take advantage of today’s great design freedom due to new materials, manufacturing techniques, advanced structural layouts, and innovative wing configurations.